How to use eSignature Order Request Form

The eSignature order request form is similar to the old Order Request form previously used by UITS.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use the eSignature order request form and the process to follow:

  1. The end user fills out all pertinent information up to and including requester notes (if applicable).
  2. The end user then emails the completed form and quote as well as any additional forms such as sole source, to
  3. The CIO admin will review the order and obtain any additional information needed from end user. To initiate the eSignature process, the CIO admin will email the order package to the end user’s manager for signature as well as any other individuals that may need to approve the order, such as the CIO.
  4. Once the order has been approved by all required persons, the order is sent to the Business Office.
  5. Once the Business Office has processed the order, an email is sent to the end user and others notifying them that the order has been placed.
  6. If the order is processed via a PO, then the end user and others are notified once the PO has been created by Purchasing.
  7. The end user is notified by the Business Office when the items have arrived and are ready to be picked up.


Summary of changes:

New changes for end user:

The end user fills out the order request form and emails it along with the quote and any additional required forms to

New changes for managers:

Managers receive order request form packages via email and must review and sign, or opt-out (disapprove order).